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Pottery By Yvonne

Handmade 16-Ounce Travel Mug Embellished with Birds - Stylish Pottery Mug for Your Coffee Adventures. Includes Locking Lid.

Handmade 16-Ounce Travel Mug Embellished with Birds - Stylish Pottery Mug for Your Coffee Adventures. Includes Locking Lid.

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My handmade 16-Ounce Bright Blue Travel Mug is a stylish pottery mug designed to add a touch of playfulness to your coffee adventures. Adorned with playful birds, this mug is not only a functional travel companion but also a charming piece of art that brings joy to your daily routine. Complete with a locking lid, it ensures your beverage stays secure while you're on the move.

Key Features:

Vibrant Bright Blue Design: The mug boasts a vibrant bright blue glaze, adding a pop of color to your coffee routine. The eye-catching hue is sure to lift your spirits and bring a sense of energy to your day.

Playful Bird Embellishments: Adorned with playful bird illustrations, this travel mug is a whimsical celebration. The delightful artwork adds character and a touch of fun to your daily coffee adventures.

Generous 16-Ounce Capacity: With a 16-ounce capacity, this mug is perfect for those who love a substantial serving of their favorite coffee or tea. It ensures you have enough to fuel your adventures throughout the day.

Handmade Craftsmanship: Each mug is meticulously handmade. Embrace the uniqueness of a handcrafted piece, where no two mugs are exactly alike, making yours truly special.

Locking Lid for On-the-Go Convenience: The travel mug includes a locking lid, providing a secure seal to prevent spills during your travels. Take your favorite beverages with you confidently, whether you're commuting, hiking, or running errands.

Stylish Pottery Mug: Beyond its functionality, this travel mug is a stylish pottery piece that stands out with its artistic flair. It's a statement accessory that complements your personal style.

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe: For added convenience, this mug is microwave-safe for quick reheating, and the dishwasher-safe feature makes cleanup a breeze.

Indulge in the joy of your coffee adventures with our Handmade 16-Ounce Bright Blue Travel Mug. Whether you're a bird lover or simply appreciate playful design, this mug is a perfect blend of functionality and charm. Embrace the whimsy, and let each sip bring a smile to your face as you navigate the day with your stylish and secure travel companion.

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